The successful operation of any company requires an element of accountability, not only amongst the company’s employees, but also throughout the company’s management team. Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless understands how important the principles of both team and individual accountability are to his company’s success, which is why he has developed a business environment that requires the input and work of every individual in order to succeed.

Any team, believes Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless, requires the effective guidance and delegation of a good leader; one that lays out precise team goals that rely on the performance of each individual team member in order to be met. Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless believes that every business or organizational team leader should work to give their team purpose; an idea that requires not only the cooperation to the group to succeed, but also the effort of each individual. By giving each team member a vested interest in the project, he says, you are able to instill a sense of personal accountability and pride. The team member is now accountable or responsible for contributing their very best to the team, and this purpose has the potential to lead to better quality work and more efficient production.

Accountability, says Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless, has the potential to unite a team in many ways. Providing people with a purpose is a highly-effective motivator, one that often compels them to put in their very best effort. Strive, says Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless, to give each member of your team a sense of accountability, a purpose that will help to improve employee morale and productivity.

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