Do you want to get the most productivity out of your team? Of course you do, which is why Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless works to share some basic ideas, or leadership principles, which can help team managers more effectively harness their team’s capabilities to higher productivity and success.

Any new team manager of leader, says Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless, needs to effectively present their ideas and expectations to their team at the outset of their leadership tenure. He suggests that team leaders begin by sharing concisely laid out goals; expectations that are easy to understand and are within the team’s capabilities. Team confusion and disarray, says Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless, are often rooted in employee misunderstanding of the manager’s expectations, making this initial step perhaps the most important.

Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless also suggests assigning each individual team member with specific goals; responsibilities that tie in directly towards the accomplishment of the project. Distributing the workload amongst each individual member of a team, in a team setting, helps to establish both a sense of personal responsibility and team accountability. The assignment of specific tasks, says Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless, helps to promote team collaboration, enhance team unity and establish a sense of purpose. The morale of your team is vital to the success of the project, and purpose helps to improve morale, create happier employees and promote higher-quality work.

Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless has achieved much success through time-honored team management methods. While he understands that everyone may have a unique team management style, he still believes that certain management principles, if properly employed, can be effective in any organizational setting.

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