An organization, over time, can become mired down in efficiencies, factors that impact the company’s productivity and that generally result from complacency and habit. It’s important says Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless, to continually provide incentives that will keep your management team focused and ready to identify the gaps or flaws in your company’s productive ability. This will help, says Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless, to fight the complacency that often times spreads throughout an organizational atmosphere if left unchecked or unanalyzed.

Commit your management team, says Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless, to regular and consistent reviews of workplace policies and procedures, as well as the regular analysis of company output, trends in productivity, etc. Training your management staff to not only identify waste, but also to take fast and effective steps to correct it, empowers them with the ability to better manage their teams, improve productivity and keep their particular departments flowing smoothly and meeting company expectations. Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless believes that organizational leaders should also make an effort to provide incentives to company managers; incentives for both spotting and fixing inefficiencies for they become major, unmanageable operational headaches.

Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless understands that it’s often easy to fall back on your laurels, particularly if your company happens to be doing well. Vigilance is key, he says, to ensuring your company maintains its competitiveness. Identifying weaknesses at the onset, says Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless, helps you stop and correct a problem before it has the opportunity to realize its full potential.

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