Business meetings offer professionals the chance to hash out issues, work through differences and share their ideas for moving forward. Business professional Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless understands how valuable a meeting can be towards the introduction and development of ideas that help companies meet their objectives and maintain competitiveness.

Below, Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless some of the most important things to keep in mind as you prepare for and plan your next business meeting.

Have an Agenda

It’s important, says Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless, to first prepare a step by step agenda for your upcoming meeting. Carefully plan and order the topics you want to discuss, and establish the framework and ground rules necessary to maintain order and meeting efficiency. Keep your discussion points concise, succinct and easy to understand, says Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless, and allow the participants the opportunity to voice their opinions whenever possible.

Control the Communication

Now that you have a solid agenda in place, says Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless, you have a good framework for controlling the discussion, and you’ve made it easier for your meeting to carry through with minimal interruption. Though you want, and need, the participants to have the opportunity to provide constructive criticism and opinion, it’s important to also place limitations on what can be discussed, as well as to set time limits on each topic. Effective control of communication, says Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless, allows you to conduct and complete your meeting in a timely fashion.

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