The GSM nation is sweeping through the American wireless industry, allowing consumers to replace their dated, contract-based major provider phone plans with the freedom of a liberating and mind-blowing cell service technology. As the leader of the GSM Nation movement, Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless has become the wireless consumer’s staunchest ally, someone who not only believes in fulfilling the consumer’s needs, but also works towards defending their rights to have access to mobile freedom and affordability.

Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless leads the GSM Nation with well-constructed phone plans and a technology proven to be far superior than anything else on the market. As the biggest proponent of GMS throughout the nation, Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless touts the many benefits of GMS, including mobility and savings. He knows you’ve been far too long without the simple option of wireless choice, and his goal is to change the way you perceive wireless service once and for all.

Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless has been a wireless innovator for years, and he’s seen the best and worst the industry has to offer. By maintaining focus on the customer, he believes he can offer the best quality phone plans, products and devices in the industry. Fueled by an entrepreneurial spirit and the drive to forge new ground in the GMS wireless movement, Paul Greene of Liberty Wireless continues to make significant inroads into an industry that has long placed little to no value on innovation. His goal isn’t to receive recognition, but rather to turn the industry on its head, and point it in the right direction.

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